Steiner kindergarten Pajulintu offers the parents a possibility of a visit when considering the appropriate day care placement for their child. During the approximately one hour-visit we will answer the parents’ questions and present the kindergarten for the parents. After the visit there is time to consider before the actual application. You can agree the time for the visit by calling us, tel: +358 405939235 or by writing us to: Pajulintu (at) netikka (dot) fi.

We have a policy of so called “ongoing application” which means that kindergarten vacancies can be applied throughout the whole year if needed. It is, however recommended to apply for the vacancies for the autumn already in the spring; March-April. The application time for the preschool is usually in February. The application periods are annually the same than the application periods of Seinäjoki city and they are announced in the newspapers and on their website.

If interested of a day care place for your child, contact Steiner Kindergarten Pajulintu first.

After that follow these instructions:

Applying for a place in early childhood education is done by filling in an electronic application.

The application needs to be submitted four months prior to the desired starting date or, in unforeseen circumstances, two weeks before the starting date.

The same application form is used when applying for

  • a place in pre-primary education
  • service vouchers for private early childhood education centres
  • transfer from one early childhood education provider to another
  • a place in free-of-charge play activities (open early childhood education).

The family will receive the decision of the place in early childhood education approximately two weeks before the starting date either electronically through the service or by post.

If you can’t fill up the electric form, please contact varhaiskasvatus [at] seinajoki [dot] fi


The child can be registered in the kindergarten already prior to the need of day care. By registering we can send you notifications a few times a year about the events of the kindergarten of which some are open to all families with children. By registering you will also receive information about the application periods.

Contact information:

Steiner Kindergarten Pajulintu

Vuorenmaanrinne 28

60220 Seinäjoki

tel. +3586-405939235

pajulintu [at] netikka [dot] fi